Philippe was born into this world: his father and mother-in-law were textile designers. So he was immersed in this daily life from childhood, and it became a fascination in adolescence. "The studio was an incredible universe, at an easy time: the work was there, and the post-70s studio atmosphere combined drawing, music, an ease of living and working that could only make you want to do this job!"

Philippe regularly accompanied his father to the studio, and the artists he rubbed shoulders with played electric guitar between drawings. It was a fascinating time, with incredible energy and a carefree attitude that was very appealing to a teenager!

"I was lucky enough to join the most arty studio in Lyon at the time, quite quickly. My boss would only let go of his brushes to play jazz, and vice versa." 

Philippe's daily contact with the world of textiles enabled him to enter the business with a highly artistic approach to textile design, always in conjunction with painting. He quickly developed a purely artistic side to his textile design business. 

"That virus that took hold of me back then has never left me since."

Philippe's background remains atypical. After training in textiles at the Diderot school in Lyon, he worked for many years as a textile designer for haute couture. He then moved on to decorating: wallpaper, furnishings, right through to spatial concepts.

New media, the second wind for textile designers

"I want to explore new supports and new media further and further. Computers have created a new life for creative people. By crossing media and different tools, it has breathed new life into creativity.

For Philippe, this is particularly true in textile design, where digital technology allows us to really develop our work with materials, shading, gradations and textures.
"The possibilities offered by digital are exponential! The possibilities offered by digital technology are exponential". A true symbol of the renewal of art, based on old and new know-how, and the transversality between art and new media. Technology combined with the artist's spontaneity.

"As time goes by, I tend to simplify my subject matter and my strokes more and more. I'm also constantly listening, with a keen eye for moments and trends. All this with an immense desire to pass on, both in creation and in teaching.
Leave a trace."