Textile creation at the heart of Julie Lavarière

Julie Lavarière's cornerstone is textile creation. The founder of your luxury bed linen is driven by her taste for art, the strength of a line, the power of a hue, the subtlety of a nuance, the story of a design.

Julie Lavarière's strength lies in her artists.

Painters, textile designers, artisans of the kind our region knows how to produce, they possess unique know-how. Their vision, experience and sensitivity are the hallmarks of these sensitive and talented artists. Qualities that are the hallmark of a unique brand, both precious and contemporary.


Textile designers know how to harmonize their creativity with the spirit of the times. They create unique designs, in line with fashion trends, but without ever abandoning their personality. The strength of their designs lies in their universe, their sensibility. This is their unique and precious signature.

As painters, they have a creative impulse, and sometimes the exuberance of a line is tempered by the need to integrate their drawing into a universe. They strive for universality while offering something unique. For Julie Lavarière, they invent the timeless original.


This is where the hand of Julie Lavarière's founder comes into play: he has the vision, the projection into this timelessness, and fixes the unique in a greater whole.

Creating history from history for a rich, extraordinary textile creation.

Julie Lavarière also expresses this desire with her choice of French manufacturing.

From design to weaving, printing and manufacturing, each stage is thought out and carried out in our region, between Lyon and the Vosges, for a rare and daring proposal in top-of-the-range bed linen.

paint pot

It's this perfect blend that makes Julie Lavarière an absolutely unique brand. With their mastery of color and expressiveness, the artists create canvases with finesse and subtlety. They personalize and sublimate your interior with top-of-the-range bed ensembles, printed on top-quality cotton percale. Exceptional, luxurious bed linen sets.