Julie Lavarière outfits are made to the highest standards of quality, both in materials and craftsmanship. Featuring French style, the exclusive cuts and designs are created by Julie Lavarière's artist designers.

With twenty years' experience in the art of translating the spirit of the times into images, Julie Lavarière's founder was able to find craftsmen to whom he could entrust his designers' drawings. As a result, he has created unique, top-of-the-range bed sets!

The models are all original, the designs unique and the creativity renewed every six months. Capsule proposals that promise a unique, original, personalized bed set for exceptional luxury bed linen.

Julie Lavarière bedding is for men and women who are independent, passionate, full of life and in search of top-of-the-range bedding that reflects who they are... Sheets that will sublimate their interior, like reflections of who they are.

Julie Lavarière's artists, with their varied sensibilities, respond to and correspond to each individual's personality!

Beds as works of art

The stories told by Julie Lavarière's bed ensembles immediately echo personal feelings. As our days come to an end under our sheets, they see new ones begin too. We read, we create, we live. As a couple, or more, the bed becomes a refuge for children when they're sick, an extraordinary playground when they're allowed. It's also a refuge for adults when they need it.

Julie Lavarière is the assurance of a beautiful bed, with top-quality cotton percale sheets. A bed that promises to end the day well, and start it well too, so you can live happily ever after!

Our luxury bed linen lines illuminate these unique and precious moments.