Gites are known as rural accommodations. For a weekend or a vacation, these places are ideal for reconciling with nature and forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city. For a peaceful, trouble-free stay, hosts need to have all the necessary logistics in place to ensure the comfort of their guests. Bed linen may seem secondary to hygiene items and storage furniture. However, it should not be forgotten that holidaymakers and tourists come to a B&B first and foremost to rest and recharge their batteries. So sleep is essential for a successful stay. To ensure the satisfaction of their guests, gîte owners should have quality bed linen, which Julie Lavarière can provide.

The choice of quality: guaranteed satisfaction

To meet economic and financial needs, the number of self-catering cottages is constantly increasing. This increase is all the more visible as the vacation season approaches. What's more, we're seeing a diversification in the concept of gîtes: ecogîtes, panda gîtes and city gîtes. Faced with the profusion of these accommodation sites, every owner needs to innovate and improve to stand out from the competition. To achieve this, the choice of quality bed linen, even top-of-the-range, is essential. What's more, a gîte must respect a certain code of ethics in order to use the "Gîtes de France®" label. Article 4, paragraph 2 of the "Gîtes de France et Tourisme Vert" quality charter stipulates that members of the charter must at all times meet the comfort and equipment criteria defined by the Network. So, on the one hand, customers need comfort and satisfaction when they stay in a gîte; on the other, the owner's reputation and duty require him to opt for quality.

The ideal bed linen for a gîte

Bed linen for bed and breakfast - Julie Lavariere

For impeccable bed linen, we recommend cotton percale fabrics. Soft and silky, this type of linen is perfectly suited to a French B&B worthy of the name. Julie Lavarière specializes in designing bed linen made entirely from cotton percale. What's more, their creations are authentic and made in France. The expertise of the brand's artists is reflected in every element of a bed linen set: pillowcase, comforter cover, sheet. From colors to patterns, gîte owners can count on outstanding design for their bed linen. What's more, they can adapt them to suit adult or children's bedrooms. Not to mention the touch of originality each textile brings to the room in which it is displayed. Customers and guests alike will marvel at the quality and beauty of Julie Lavarière bed linen.