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Fitted sheet in cotton percale made in France

The rigor and quality of French bed linen is recognized worldwide. This is true in every field, including bedding. Aware that the comfort of a bed sheet is essential for a truly restful night's sleep, the French designers at Julie Lavarière set out to provide quality products for... Read more "

What is cotton percale?

We often associate percale with a fabric, but it's a weaving technique that gives the fabric exceptional quality and properties. Cotton percale is made from the longest cotton fibers. The essential characteristic of cotton percale is its tight, regular weave... Read more "

Textile printing: what has digital brought to print?

Digital textile printing gives new life to the French textile industry

Flashback: only 15 years ago, textile printing was carried out solely using engraved cylinders installed on rotary presses. Today, printing is digital, an evolution that opens up a host of new prospects! A cylinder 64 centimeters in diameter and 3 meters long, one for each color, installed side by side... Read more "

How to choose your bed linen?

To choose your bed linen, you need to know about the different materials and weaves.

We spend 2800 hours a year under our comforter! Sleeping is essential, but it's also an essential moment of relaxation to recharge our batteries, and comfort and well-being are two factors to consider when choosing bed linen. Your bed is a little universe in itself.... Read more "