Bed linen is obviously an important element in bedroom decoration. In addition to the comfort it provides through its quality and feel, its outward appearance lends a touch of grace and tranquility to the room it adorns. To achieve a result that will put a smile on the faces of bedroom guests and visitors alike, here are a few tips for making bed linen a decorative element in harmony with the master bedroom.

Parents' style

The style of the bedroom's occupants should immediately be reflected in this room. After all, this is where they go to bed every night and wake up every day. For more traditional parents, sober colors such as purple or white are ideal to illustrate this style. For modern occupants, gray and blue are colors that will suit them well. For more daring couples, pastel colors are currently in vogue. Whatever the color choice, combinations are possible: white with violet or even navy blue. These colors can be adopted both for the walls and for the objects adorning the bedroom. Although small objects don't take up much space, they can be an important indicator of the style of a home's occupants. For example, a bedside lamp with an original shape can demonstrate a couple's modernity, while a four-poster bed illustrates a rather old-fashioned style.

Other decorative elements

A bedroom is normally designed for sleeping, storing and washing. As such, its components must be able to meet these needs. In addition, the minimum size allowed for a master bedroom is 12m2. In terms of decoration, furniture plays an important role. Curtains and bed linen are also important to give the bedroom a proud appearance. In the case of bed linen, the material it's made from is reflected in its outward appearance. For example, we recommend cotton percale, so that the bed linen is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the touch. What's more, French craftsmanship guarantees quality bed linen. Julie Lavarière combines this know-how with artistic talent to create a stunning cotton percale bed linen set. What's more, it's entirely possible to opt for bed linen with original, unique patterns. Whether for pillowcases, comforter covers or flat sheets, simply choose according to your parents' tastes, desires and bedroom colors. What's more, cotton percale bed linen is natural, so it protects against allergies.