When you enter a bedroom, the bed is the most imposing element in the room. It is therefore essential to choose the right bed linen so that it can fulfill its role as the room's ornament. However, it's not always easy to choose the right bed linen, given the need to combine comfort and aesthetics. In addition, the tastes of the bed's owner cannot be ignored. A few tricks can be applied to make the choice as easy as possible. First, we'll look at the choice of bed linen in relation to the general environment of the bedroom. Next, we'll look at how bed linen colors can be used to brighten up a bedroom.

Bed linen to match the bedroom environment

In addition to the bed, walls and curtains can also be highly visible elements in a bedroom. The harmony of colors between these components will produce a harmonious and pleasing effect for the room's occupants. However, it's best not to overdo the colors, as contrasting tones will help to soften the room's heaviness. And if the room is decorated with decorative objects, it's best to match the bed linen to these objects.

White is always a safe bet. Although sometimes described as dull and easily soiled, white bed linen is also a sign of chastity and neutrality. Whatever the color of the walls and curtains in the room, white bed linen will always match. A bedroom with sober, simple decor goes perfectly with a patterned bed linen set. Whether polka dots or stripes, all tastes are welcome, as long as the colors are not too different from the general mood of the room.

Bed linen colors to brighten up the bedroom

If the color of the curtains and walls is rather sober, such as white or gray, it's perfectly possible to use other colors. For example, using a brightly colored bed runner on a white comforter cover is a good way of recalling the tastes and personality of the bed's occupants. And it's perfectly acceptable to decorate the bed with shimmering cushions to break up the gloom of white or black.

In any case, when choosing bed linen, the quality and feel of the fabric already gives an idea of how the bedroom will look. For example, it's best to opt for French-made bed linen in cotton percale. A top-of-the-range comforter cover matched with pillowcases of the same color or pattern is certainly a sign of rigor and good taste.