When it comes to bedding, consumers have many options, not least when it comes to the material used. From silk to cotton to linen, the choices are numerous, sometimes making the decision difficult. However, once we know what we need, we simply have to decide which bed linen is best for us. Cotton or cotton percale seems to be the best option for those seeking comfort and quality. To justify this assertion, we'll start by looking at what a cotton percale bed linen set is, and then deduce its advantages in a second part.

A cotton percale bed linen set

The importance of a bed linen set lies in the comfort it provides and the aesthetic appeal it brings to the bedroom. To ensure a restful night's sleep, the material from which the linen is made should not be overlooked. Cotton percale is made from long, finely combed and woven cotton fibers. Thanks to this rigorous manufacturing process, cotton percale bed linen is resistant, soft and silky.

For its anti-allergic and natural virtues, cotton is a recommended material when choosing bed linen. Indeed, the threads are pulled and tightened so that the resulting linen meets the satisfaction of users. Cotton percale fabric has 110 threads/cm2compared with 57 threads/cm2 for conventional cotton. The quality of manufacture of cotton percale bed linen ensures a long life.

The advantages of cotton percale bed linen

Cotton percale produces high-quality, high-end fabrics. Visually, cotton percale bed linen has a matt appearance that calls for comfort and rest. In terms of feel, comfort is assured by the softness provided by this type of linen. What's more, the professionals at Julie Lavarière use cotton percale to create genuine works of art. Indeed, to stand out from the competition, our brand offers original patterns and designs on its products. Pillowcases, flat sheets and comforter covers are harmonized to offer the very best in customer satisfaction.

From a practical point of view, bed linen made from cotton percale is easy to wash in the washing machine and easy to iron. Resistant, bed linen can remain soft and shiny for many years. And because it's natural, it's highly recommended for children and allergy sufferers.