Cotton percale bed linen is an important part of any bed. As such, it's vital to know more about this fabric in all its facets. The state of the market, the materials available and care are all points that deserve a few lines. We'll take a look at the elements of bed linen, how to choose it and how to care for it.

Bed linen components

Traditionally, bed linen is made up of pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets and comforter covers. This composition applies to adult beds, children's beds and baby cribs. Pillowcases not only protect these bedding components, but also contribute to the comfort and aesthetics of the sleeping environment. As far as comforter covers are concerned, their main function is to protect the comforter from dirt and impurities. This protection is necessary because it's more complicated to wash a comforter than its cover. Finally, the flat sheet and fitted sheet protect the mattress and contribute to its longevity. It's worth noting that waterproof mattress covers are recommended for babies, as they often leak at night.

Choosing a bed linen set

The choice of bed linen should be based on a number of criteria, including the style of the bedroom in question, the sensibilities of the people who will be using it, and the expected results (thermoregulation, freshness, softness). For example, there's no need to choose white by default, as the various colors available in stores allow you to adapt the bedding to the mood and atmosphere of the bedroom. As far as personal sensitivities are concerned, it's essential to opt for natural materials. For example, cotton and cotton percale are the ideal materials for people sensitive to dust mites. Finally, in terms of expected results, linen proves to have a good thermoregulatory function, while cotton percale is renowned for the freshness it provides. Satin, meanwhile, is soft and silky, but not recommended for hot seasons as it absorbs perspiration poorly.

Bed linen care

In general, the care of bed linen is simple: just run it through the washing machine. However, users may be tempted to take special measures to care for this linen. To avoid any damage to bed linen, we recommend opting for an easy-to-clean material such as cotton percale. You don't have to sacrifice quality for simplicity. Julie Lavarière's cotton percale bed linen offers you products that are both top-of-the-range and easy to machine-wash. What's more, the colors and patterns her artists present are different and original from those of other fabrics on the market.