Children's bed linen in cotton percale is one of the masterpieces of bedroom decoration and comfort. The choice of this bed linen for boys should not be made at random. In fact, it should match the room's setting and the boy's tastes.

A boy's bed linen

The bedroom is a place of reference and intimacy for a little boy. In order to assert his personality, he is best placed to impose his demands on the selection of colors and patterns for his bed linen. As well as respecting his child's tastes, letting him choose his own percale bed linen enables parents to avoid any potential conflict with him.

How to choose bed linen for a boy?

A boy's passion is discovered as he discovers the world and his environment. Once he knows his, he expresses it through his objects and even his style of dress. Bed linen is no exception. Indeed, comforter covers and pillowcases borrow the colors and designs of his idols or his favorite sport.

The color of bed linen

Blue is generally recognized as the color for boys. However, other colors can come into play depending on the boy's desires: gray, blue or even red. In this way, one color can dominate, even in the absence of patterns, but always according to the bed linen owner's wishes.

Bed linen patterns

Choosing a bed linen pattern can be complicated, as it also depends on the boy's passion. It's a good idea to talk to him directly before buying. Boys' tastes differ. While some prefer urban and trendy designs, others opt for discretion and moderation. There are various patterns available on the market, such as those dedicated to motor sports or soccer. There are also prints that make you want to travel, and rock-style prints, for example.

Material and size of linen

In addition to preference, comfort must also come first when choosing bed linen. The size and type of fabric, such as percale, must be chosen with care. Lightness and softness are important qualities for good bedding.

The best children's bed linen

The quality and durability of cotton bed linen depend on the thread count and density of the weave, as well as on the material used. It can be made from cotton, satin or linen threads. For softness and comfort, cotton percale is the recommended material for a good, restful night's sleep. Choosing the best bed linen therefore includes taking into account the type and number of threads, the color and the pattern.