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Fitted sheet in cotton percale made in France

The rigor and quality of French bed linen is recognized worldwide. This is true in every field, including bedding. Aware that the comfort of a bed sheet is essential for a truly restful night's sleep, the French designers at Julie Lavarière set out to provide quality products for... Read more "

Why buy a comforter cover?

Voyage , Julie Lavarière collection, high-end bed linen made in France, on exclusive sale in Lyon

Depending on its composition, a comforter can be used all year round. There are comforters that adapt to the seasons. But the more you use it, the dirtier it gets. The more often it goes through the wash, the faster it deteriorates. To prevent it from deteriorating too quickly, it's best to... Read more "

Matching bed linen to bedroom décor

When you enter a bedroom, the bed is the most imposing element in the room. It is therefore essential to choose the right bed linen so that it can fulfill its role as the room's ornament. However, it's not always easy to choose the right bed linen, given the.. . Read more "

How do I clean my comforter cover?

Détail de Poésie , Julie Lavarière collection, high-end bed linen made in France, on exclusive sale in Lyon, France

On average, we spend seven to eight hours a day in bed. During this time, we perspire, our dead skin falls off and our body odours become impregnated into the linen. To avoid unpleasant odors and the proliferation of bacteria, it's important to change sheets, pillowcases and pillowcases frequently. .. Read more "

How to put on a comforter cover quickly and easily?

A comforter is a real blessing when it comes to making your bed. All you have to do is spread it out on the bed, put the pillows on top and you're ready to go. No need to worry. However, when it comes to changing the cover, the comforter becomes our worst enemy. Who hasn't... Read more "

How to care for and iron a comforter cover?

The cotton percale comforter cover is the cloth that is supposed to protect your comforter from bacteria, dust and other dirt. To avoid washing your comforter too often, we use a duvet cover. Like all bed linen, it needs to be well cared for if it is to last over time and... Read more "

Cotton percale bed linen

Cotton percale bed linen is an important part of any bed. As such, it's vital to know more about this fabric in all its facets. The state of the market, the materials available and care are all points that deserve a few lines of our own. So, let's... Read more "

Why choose a cotton percale bed linen set?

When it comes to bedding, consumers have many options, not least when it comes to the material used. From silk to cotton to linen, the choices are numerous, sometimes making the decision difficult. However, once you know what you need, all you have to do is look at the range of products on offer. .. Read more "

Cotton percale bed linen made in France

When it comes to maiaon linen, quality is one of the key criteria. Adult and children's bed linen made in France are reputed to meet this "made in France" quality criterion. Bed linen is part of household linen. This type of linen finds its full utility in decorating the.. . Read more "